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Incentive programs are systematic internal or external campaigns that require specific actions on the part of a specified audience that produce measurable outcomes achieved through integrated motivational strategies. 

Some examples of incentive programs are:

  • Sales incentives or contests (achieve your sales objective and win!
  • Loyalty programs (buy 10 coffees and get the 11th one free)
  • Safety programs (break our accident-free day’s record and the team celebrates)
  • Sweepstakes (no purchase necessary; enter to win)
  • Gifts-with-purchase (buy this washing machine and get a free set of towels)
  • Training programs (earn rewards as you pass each level of online education)
  • Service awards (length of service, such as five-year, 10-year anniversaries, etc.)
  • Attendance programs (awards for perfect attendance at work)
  • Wellness programs (achieve set goals in program and earn rewards)
  • Frequency programs (frequent flier miles, hotel stay rewards)
  • Corporate gifts (gifts sent to customers on their birthday, holidays, etc.)
  • Performance improvement (set and achieves performance goals such as reducing accounts receivable, customer service measures or manufacturing cycle time)
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Featured USB Flash Drives


Writing instruments are the second best-selling promotional product. What makes them so popular as promotional products? Pens and pencils are necessary and useful-and visible. They’re small enough to fit in a purse of briefcase and carry with you. Even with the increased smartphone and table usage recipients still use a pen at least once per day. These reasons and more are why writing instruments provide a perfect branding opportunity. As technology has become increasingly integrated into our lives, more and more companies are offering writing instruments that multiple features and functions. Pens include highlighters, styluses, USB connectors, laser pointers and flashlights--opportunities for additional functions are seemingly endless. And coming up with creative campaigns including these multi-function pens can make you stand out from the crowd. Here’s a sampling of writing instruments that do more than just write.

Write your to-do list and then scroll through your emails on your smartphone with this two-in-one stylus Classic Click pen. Choose from 10 bold colors and blue or black ink options. With a polished barrel, comfort grip pads, retractable action and stylus and ballpoint in one convenient package, this pen is sure to standout.       read more...

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